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Bill Downs
Bill Downs is an expert on diet and digestion.
Bill is the author of the Trafon (spell it backwards) blog

Bill has unsurpassed knowledge of how nutrients help the body heal. Involved with nutritional information for over 20 years, Bill has lectured worldwide, is a published author, and has penned a number of papers in cited peer-reviewed scientific journals. A recognized expert in his field , Bill has had over 75 TV , Radio and Newspaper interviews. Bill's five years of post-graduate education in Nutrition Science and Biological Chemistry along with his years of clinical experience as a nutrition consultant have given him great insight into the modern human condition, the needless suffering of people, and a profound appreciation for the body's miraculous capabilities to heal itself when properly supported by nutrition.

In The News

World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states; probiotics are "live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host".
"In addition, there is emerging evidence to indicate that probiotics can be taken by otherwise healthy people as a means to prevent certain diseases and modulate host immunity".

"In conclusion, probiotics act as an adjuvant in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of chronic diseases" (from a paper presented by Broekaert and Walker of Harvard Medical School , Mucosal Immunology Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital for Children

Elderly people should take probiotic supplements, according to scientists.

One a Meal
Do You want to be Healthier

We've come a long way , baby , from the early days of foraging for fruits, eating fresh meat and threshing the grain. Today's fast food , pre-packaged , on-the-go world offers convenience foods galore , with high-tech ingredients and offerings from around the globe. Unfortunately , the human digestive system has not changed much from those early days , and for most Americans , is rebelling against these unnatural "improvements" , resulting in everything from intermittent gastrointestinal ( GI ) distress , sugar alcohol intolerance and lactose intolerance to severe conditions such as Crohn's disease , GERD , ulcers , acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ).

Fortunately , now there is help for your gut beyond the world of suffering , antacids and surgery. Trafon's One A Meal™ , helps address both the symptoms AND root causes behind GI upset.

The Stats
It is dangerous to be an American gut ! According to the United States Centers for Disease Control ( CDC ) statistics released in February 2006 , visits to physicians and hospital emergency rooms for digestive problems numbered 52.6 million in 2003. In addition 1.8 million Americans sought help for irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ) , 139,534 were diagnosed with colorectal cancer , ( one of the top 10 leading causes of death ) , and , the CDC estimated that over 500,000 American adults may have Crohn's disease ( CD ). Clearly , these statistics from the United States Centers for Disease Control , show that a great proportion of the population suffers from various gastric complaints.

The Why
Although food processing and dietary habits have changes drastically since antiquity , the human gastrointestinal ( GI ) system has not evolved at the same pace. Modern times are marked by a simultaneous rise in GI problems and unhealthy eating patterns demonstrating that the human digestive system is ill equipped to abide the constant insults associated with the typical chemical infused , nutrient lacking , refined processed food , 21st century Western diet.

You are What You Eat
Research has shown that in almost 100% of the ailments that we as a culture suffer from , digestive problems , at different levels of severity , are present. When you realize that 80% of the human body's immune system is located in the digestive tract , you begin to understand the extent of damage to our general health caused by our typical chemical infused , nutrient lacking , refined processed food , 21st century Western diet.
"Nature has it's own laws and will
never allow violation without revenge"

We are the most over medicated culture in the history of civilization , yet we suffer from more maladies than at any other time in history. How can this seeming paradox be explained?
There is no chronic degenerative disease on
planet earth caused by a drug deficiency.
Pharmaceutical drugs can be very helpful at making life bearable by alleviating symptons , unfortunately most pharmaceutical drugs fail to correct the root cause of those symptoms and allow the body to heal itself. In essence , most drugs are poison , just look at the list of potential side effects , it is just that their short term benefits can out weigh the problems they can cause.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"
The path to a healthier you is straightforward. You are made of food , water , air and sunshine. Drink fresh pure water , breathe clean non-polluted air , get plenty of sunshine and eat a proper diet of food provided by nature ( not man ). A proper nutritional diet will provide the necessary nutrients without causing distress to facilitate a strong, healthy digestive tract and correspondingly , since 80% of your immune system is located in the digestive tract , a strong , healthy immune system capable of protecting your body from most maladies.

Just remember , you have been subjecting your GI system to abuse for years , do not expect instant results. Although symptons will improve quickly , it will take a couple of years of proper nutritional diet for your body to heal itself.

TRAFON Blog and One A Meal™
On the TRAFON blog Bill follows the news , shares his interviews and posts blog entries with stories and advice. He does it all in an effort to provide information, education, and hope for the countless people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.
Many of Bill's recommendations involve suggestions for hitting a local health food store, and first trying a particular natural means to promote healthier digestive functions. He doesn't recommend brands, but he does recommend various types of products , like probiotics and enzymes, etc.
Therein lies the rub. The products available today differ widely in quality and effectiveness. Consumers can never be sure exactly what they're getting for the money. Consider two products that purport to include ingredient X. One product works. The other doesn't.
It is not simply a matter of ingesting products with a particular name, assuming that all "same-named" products are the same. It's a matter of ingesting premium quality natural products for the appropriate benefits.
The term "Premium Quality" indicates a degree of excellence, a superiority in kind. This term, however, is freely and generously used by everybody marketing consumer products; many to create the deceptive illusion of premium quality and the precious few to be an accurate representation of product integrity that delivers on the value promise. It means giving people what they deserve: the purest, safest top shelf ingredients that work.
People often try a given digestive product and dismiss it as ineffective when, in fact, it would have worked much better had they ingested a quality version of the product.
And so, after twenty years in the diet and digestion field, Bill decided to attack his frustration with the poor quality and ineffective nature of GI products by creating his own solution.
You heard that right. Bill developed a new formula that provides a complex of important premium quality ingredients to promote healthy digestive function, and reduce those troublesome activities caused by unhealthy dietary choices. Needless to say, this product is not a cure or treatment for anything. It just gives the body what it needs to do the job much better on its own accord. It also does not replace the need to start making healthier lifestyle choices, which would be a very good step.
All of the ingredients in TRAFON One A Meal™ are classified as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, and are of the highest possible quality of natural digestive factors - the key to successfully relieving many of the lifestyle-induced common GI tract discomforts.
Bill's formula has a very high 25-40 billion cfu concentration of probiotics (meaning it's potent), and the fragile ones are microencapsulated. This means the otherwise fragile probiotics are protected from digestive actions until they reach the specific locations in the GI tract where they are activated. This ensures maximum effectiveness. In addition, there is a proprietary blend of enzymes that serve some very important digestive functions.
That said, you will never hear Bill claiming that his formula technology is a silver bullet for GI problems. There are no one-pill wonders. Bill's formula will help some percentage of people to varying degrees - from not at all, to completely, to everything in between - depending on the level of self-abuse induced severity of their conditions.

Bill's formula , TRAFON One A Meal™ , is a safe, scientifically based, premium quality Probiotic and Enzyme Dietary Supplement solution for people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.

Bill's formula is not a cure-all. It might help a large percentage of users, and it might help people to different degrees, depending on the severity of their original conditions. Maybe it won't help you at all (though I doubt it).

However, if you have tried every other product without success, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by trying this formula. ( see the Trafon Guarantee )

Just take two capsules with every meal, and two capsules on an empty stomach before you go to bed. After one week, let Bill know how it worked by posting a comment on the Trafon blog.

Bill's formula is a patent-pending proprietary nutraceutical blend of the highest quality (which is a fancy way of saying Bill used only the very best scientifically validated premium quality ingredients).

The ingredients in Bill's formula are 'GRAS' ( Generally Regarded as Safe ) by the FDA. Each ingredient is designed to target a specific GI function to achieve maximum benefit.

Bill's formula is also manufactured under strict GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, and has obtained independent Institutional Review Board approval for clinical trials.

If you suffer from GI distress of any kind , help Bill help others. Give his formula a try, and see if it works for you. If it does, post your experience on the TRAFON blog

Symptoms of Gastrointestinal Distress bloating cramps flatulence diarhea constipation allergies lactose intolerance sugar alcohol intolerance

Trafon Guarantee
Trafon Guarantee
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Did You Know?

You carry around three pounds of bacteria (both "good" and "bad" types) in your intestines every day of your life.?

There are about 400 different species of bacteria residing in your digestive tract?

That these bacterium number in the trillions?

That PROBIOTICS (good bacterium) are an INTREGAL part of your digestive system and are ESSENTIAL for good health?

That the ratio of good bacteria to bad in a HEALTHY gastrointestinal tract is 85 percent versus 15 percent, respectively?

People over 60 have about 1,000-fold LESS "friendly" bacteria in their guts compared with other adults

That your diet, prescription drugs (especially antibiotics), stress, and illnesses, can kill your essential good bacteria?

That enzymes are present in every cell of your body?

That enzymes are NECESSARY to your food digestion, energy production, tissue and organ repair, and toxic waste removal?

That due to a nutrient depleted diet , most Americans lack sufficient types and quanities of CRITICAL to health levels of both enzymes and probiotics?

That Trafon OneAmeal™ contains the hightest premium quality strains of HEALTH promoting probiotics and enzymes CRITICALLY required by your body?

The term "probiotic" was first used in scientific literature by Lilley and Stillwell in 1965?
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